Chicken Breeds that will give you most eggs

Raising and breeding chickens is indeed one of the most common things to do especially by people who are on the farm. By doing so, they can earn themselves money because people will buy chicken meat and eggs. However, in raising and breeding chickens, it entails a lot of responsibility. You need to ensure safety and sanitation at all times. You have to pass the inspection or else you cannot raise chickens at home.

If everything has been approved, then, of course, you can start breeding chickens. If you are interested in breeding chickens that can give you lots of eggs, here are the chicken breeds that you should raise.

The Rhode Island Red hen is included in the list of chicken breeds that will give you most eggs. According to experts, they can give you the average of 260 to 270 eggs in one year. You will not have a very hard time with them because they can be great both as free-ranged and in coups but you surely want to separate them from smaller ones because they are bad bullies.

If you like brown colored eggs, then you should consider having the Golden Comet hen. Aside from giving you brown eggs, you also have an assurance that you can get 250 to 300 eggs in a year. This chicken breed is an excellent pet because they can tolerate other types and humans as well.

Moreover, some people would like to have chickens for their pets, and the Barred Plymouth Rocks are the top on their list when it comes to this category. They can be good either penned or in coups because they can relate well to other birds. They are considered to be friendly, and so they can make excellent pets especially to very young children because they are excellent foragers. Lastly, they can give you at most 280 eggs in a year.


banevelder chicken


A lot of chicken raisers are thinking of raising a human-friendly chicken, and definitely, the Australorp is the best choice. They can give you an average of 250 eggs in a year, and if you decide to eat this kind of breed, you will not be disappointed with its meat. However, a lot of chicken raisers have concerns with this breed because they tend to bully other chickens and sometimes they have the tendencies to eat their eggs.

Lastly, the famous White Leghorn is the last on the list. Given that they are in their best condition of food, water, and temperature, this breed can give 280 eggs annually. This chicken breed is better penned rather than free range because, in reality, they tend to get scared easily especially by other breed types.

In summary, if you want to breed chickens and your main goal is to produce lots of eggs, then you should consider purchasing these breeds. But you have to bear in mind about their unique characteristics or else raising chickens will such be chaos for you.